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Newtown Shooter’s House Has Been Demolished

Police outside the Lanza house on December 18, 2012. Photo: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images

More than a year after the destruction of Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Newtown, Connecticut, house where Adam Lanza started his December 2012 massacre has met the same fate. The house on Yogananda Street, which belonged to the town, was torn down on Monday after everything inside the home was removed and incinerated to prevent people from selling items as memorabilia. Residents had lobbied to have the building removed because, as Dave Ackart explained in a letter, “Not only is the property a constant reminder of the evil that resided there — those of us who walk, run, drive, ride or otherwise must pass it multiple times a day, are having a hard time moving on.” The two-acre lot will remain empty, and plantings will be started there this spring.