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NYPD Seems to Have Nabbed Wrong Guy for Pointing Laser at Planes

Please don’t point lasers at this thing. Photo:

Last week, the NYPD arrested 36-year-old florist Frank Egan for the strange, dangerous crime of pointing a laser at planes taking off and landing at LaGuardia Airport (several pilots suffered eye injuries). There was just one problem: They seem to have gotten the wrong guy.

The New York Times reports that Egan’s roommate, 54-year-0ld Elehecer Balaguer, confessed to the laser-pointing after experiencing “unbearable pangs of guilt” for letting Egan take the fall. “Frank had nothing to do with it. I was the one that did it,” Balaguer told a courtroom while being questioned about the matter Friday. “It was just like a kid thing. It was a stupid thing to do.” Balaguer — who also happens to be the boyfriend of Egan’s step-sister — reportedly added, “I’m Catholic. I can’t live my life like this. That’s my brother-in-law. That’s my family.” 

The cops took Egan into custody on Monday, after tracing the laser beam to his home the Bronx’s East Tremont Avenue. According to the New York Daily News, the NYPD claims that Egan initially “admitted the laser was his and that he used it that evening,” though he later said that he was innocent. He was charged with three counts of felony assault, among other things. Egan’s charges haven’t yet been dismissed, and his case will continue on April 17, by which point the police will have talked to Balaguer and figured out what the hell happened with the laser in that apartment. Meanwhile, Balaguer insisted, “I didn’t mean to hurt anybody!” Roommates — what are you gonna do?

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