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NYPD Officer Curses Out Uber Driver While Passengers Film

The NYPD internal review board has reportedly launched an investigation after a video purporting to show a plainclothes officer cursing and hurling insults at an Uber driver was uploaded by the Uber passengers. In the video, the officer — who is wearing a suit and tie — repeatedly screams and curses at the driver, whom he allegedly pulled over after the driver honked at him for not using his blinker while parking.

Stop it with your mouth, stop it with your ‘for what, sir, for what, sir,’ stop it with that bullshit,” the officer shouts at the beginning of the video. Later in the xenophobic rant, he asks the driver how long he’s been in America, and continues to curse at him when the driver attempts to apologize.

The officer — whom the passengers describe as a “dick … on a power trip” — closes out the video by telling the driver he’s “not important enough” to be arrested, which is why he’s not taking the time to arrest them. Stay classy, guy.

NYPD Officer Curses at Uber Driver in Video