Rahm Emanuel Gets a Big Lead in the Polls Before Next Week’s Election

CHICAGO, IL - FEBRUARY 24: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel greets supporters at an election day rally February 24, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Emanuel was hoping to win re-election tonight but he fell short of the votes needed to avoid a runoff election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

There’s only a week to go until Chicago residents vote in the runoff mayoral election, and it looks like they’re feeling better about sticking with Rahm. A new Chicago Tribune poll has incumbent mayor Rahm Emanuel with 58 percent of the vote, and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia with 30 percent. Nine percent of voters were still undecided. Emanuel’s lead is mostly owing to white voters shifting their support away from the challenger. As Marin Cogan wrote last week, “Chicagoans may be resigned to the fact that Rahm is an asshole, but he’s their asshole.”

Rahm Emanuel Gets a Big Lead in the Polls