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Secret Service Accidentally Conveniently Destroys Tapes of Allegedly Drunken Crash

Secret Service officers search the White House grounds.

This week members of Congress watched two inconclusive surveillance videos of two possibly drunk Secret Service agents crashing into a White House barricade earlier this month, but Secret Service director Joseph Clancy said there’s no other footage because it’s their policy to destroy the tapes after 72 hours. “That doesn’t make any sense to us,” congressman Jason Chaffetz told CBS News. “If it’s regular policy to destroy them after 72 hours, why did they have two of the tapes, and where are the rest of the tapes? And so far the Secret Service has not been able to answer the question.” Come on, they were just trying to be frugal! VCR tapes only cost a few bucks, but if you save every Secret Service blunder that’s going to start adding up.

Secret Service Destroys Tapes of Drunken Crash