It’s Going to Snow on Friday Because Spring Is a Miserable Lie

Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

In a bid to steal April’s title of “cruelest month,” March will continue its miserable spring fake-out on Friday when the sky dumps snow on the New York area. Yes, it’s going to snow on the first day of spring. Ain’t life grand?

According to NY Metro Weather, New York can expect one to three inches of snow to fall during the day on Friday, though the warmer ground temperatures will hopefully mean it won’t really stick (fingers crossed). The National Weather service gives an 80 percent chance of snow on Friday, with new snow accumulation coming in at one to two inches.

Meanwhile, you may as well put your light jackets and spring dresses back on the shelves: It’s going to be pretty freezing from now through the weekend, with high winds yielding wind chills in the teens. Also, it’s flurrying in parts of New York as we speak. Congrats to winter for managing to be miserable until the very, very end.


It’s Going to Snow on the First Day of Spring