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Starbucks to Solve Racism by Writing Stuff on Cups

Photo: Starbucks

Starbucks is great for two things: using the gift card your aunt got you for your birthday on cake pops, and bathrooms that a homeless person definitely just went No. 2 in. Now, according to Fortune, the ubiquitous coffee chain is hoping to become a catalyst for change by encouraging its baristas to discuss race relations with customers, because there’s nothing a kid just trying to put himself through school wants more than to engage caffeine-starved rich people in fraught social discourse.

Beginning this week, baristas can bring up issues of race by simply writing the phrase “#RaceTogether” on a customer’s cup, automatically sparking a reasonable and evenhanded discussion of race relations in America, and providing Twitter with endless fodder.

Next up: Dunkin’ Donuts will solve sexism by making doughnuts in the shape of boobs.


Starbucks to Solve Racism by Writing on Cups