Super-Secret Spy Sues CIA for Ruining Romance

An accurate depiction of spies in love. Photo: Scott Garfield/ABC/Getty Images

A fired CIA operative, who goes by the alias Mack Charles and had one of the agency’s most secretive roles, filed a $25 million lawsuit against his employers for keeping him from his fiancée, a fellow undercover spy, and other work-related damages. Charles, who received much recognition for good work over his career, plans to represent himself against the powerful organization, which he wrote about in a novel titled Madhouse: A Forbidden Novel of the CIA, which was in fact forbidden by the CIA, according to the Daily Beast’s detail-filled report on Charles’s complaint. 

The CIA, in turn, says that Charles was horrible at filing expense reports, often listing expenses greater than those he had incurred, which the operative disputes. Charles hasn’t seen his fiancée since the CIA ordered all contact between the two stop in 2011, but the spy notes that he “thinks about [her] every day and misses her as much today as on the first day of his forced separation from her.”