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Ted Cruz Is Still Being Trolled by the Owner of TedCruz.com

Despite his effort to win over social media tonight … or the few people awake just after midnight on Monday, what really lit up Twitter was the website TedCruz.com. While TedCruz.org leads to a spiffy new campaign website, TedCruz.com features a black page with the message “SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA. IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW!” Many wondered who orchestrated this impressive jab, but Mother Jones actually solved this mystery last spring. The site has belonged to an Arizona attorney by the same name since 2008. In the past he’s posted “I Luv CHRISTIE!!!!!,” and the Wayback Machine shows the immigration joke has been up since December, at least. So good guess, but this actually isn’t the work of Rand Paul.

Ted Cruz Is Trolled by the Owner of TedCruz.com