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Ted Cruz’s New Campaign Strategy: Scare Tiny Children

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 09: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks during a news conference September 9, 2014 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Sen. Cruz discussed on immigration reform during the news conference. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
The monster living under your child’s bed. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Mommy, why is that mean man yelling at me? a 3-year-old named Julie Trant must have thought to herself on Sunday afternoon, when her parents brought her to a Ted Cruz speech in Barrington, New Hampshire. Forced to sit scarily close to the spittle-spewing angry monster posing as a junior senator from Texas, Julie was understandably confused and scared when Cruz told the crowd, “The whole world is on fire.”

The world is on fire?” Julie asked.

Yes, the world is on fire,” Cruz responded to a 3-year-old. “Your world is on fire.”

But you know what, your mommy’s here, and everyone’s here to make sure that the world you grow up in is even better,” he added.

That night, Julie made her mommy check to make sure no Ted Cruzes were hiding under her bed.

Ted Cruz’s Campaign Strategy: Scare Little Kids