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Teens, Texting Moms Win As NYC Ends Public-School Cellphone Ban

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In a rare victory for both teens and helicopter parents, the city has officially ended its cellphone ban in public schools on Monday. The Bloomberg-era ban has been in place since 2007 — though, let’s be real, most kids were probably sneaking those phones in anyway (Mayor de Blasio’s son Dante was a known rule-breaker). The non-rebels and kids who couldn’t get their phones past metal detectors will also be able to save $1 a day now that they won’t have to hand over phones to bodegas and vans for safekeeping. Each school can create its own policy on cellphone use, but the Department of Education’s general guidelines are to have students put them away during the schoolday, otherwise teachers will probably be dealing with a cellphone reign of terror. But go ahead, kids: start Snapchatting or Yik Yakking or whatever it is you do these days. Just remember, you no longer have an excuse when your mom texts you during free period. 

Teens Can Now Bring Phones to NYC Public Schools