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Thursday’s Best March Madness Vines

The NCAA tournament’s round of 64 kicked off yesterday with a historically exciting slate of games. Five games were decided by a point, a single-day tournament record. Nine games were decided by five or fewer points, tying a tournament record. And there were multiple bracket-busting upsets, including a pair of 14 seeds advancing. Miss any of the action? Catch up with the best Vines from the day.

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter appears to be fine after his now-famous spill, and he had a few words for Barack Obama, who picked against his team in the presidential bracket:

Speaking of Georgia State, everyone now knows R.J. Hunter for hitting the winner against Baylor, but he also had a gorgeous steal in the final minutes to cut his team’s deficit to three:

There’s no such thing as watching that clip of Ron Hunter falling off his rolling stool too many times:

No. 11 UCLA bested No. 6 SMU, lifted to victory with the help of a last-second goaltending call. Unsure about the call? Kevin Durant thought the refs got it right, for what it’s worth.

Though Georgia State got the bulk of the internet praise yesterday, University of Alabama at Birmingham, another 14 seed, managed an upset over No. 3 Iowa State:

This is No. 3 Notre Dame’s Demetrius Jackson being smoother than you. Notre Dame would go on to win by four.

At one point during the game between Arkansas and Woford, Rashad Madden of the Razorbacks appeared to intentionally kick off his shoe. But when someone from the Arkansas bench threw a shoe on the court, presumably intended for Madden, officials blew the whistle and gave the Razorbacks a delay of game warning:

No. 9 LSU’s Jarell Martin punishes a rim for having the audacity to exist in his presence:

North Carolina State trailed LSU by as many as 16 points in the second half, but Beejay Anya capped the Wolfpack’s comeback with this buzzer-beater:

No. 13 Harvard took No. 4 North Carolina the distance, gaining the lead with a less than a minute remaining. But UNC prevented the upset with this bit of brilliance at the end:

Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell introduces VCU’s Doug Brooks to the floor during a heated overtime bout:

Cincinnati’s Troy Caupain may have broken a few of the laws of physics to make this layup and force overtime against No. 9 Purdue:

Thursday’s Best March Madness Vines