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The Weather Might Get Better Soon, But It Is All a Lie

Boy In Winter Hat
Photo: Chris Scuffins/Getty Images

Although most of the Northeast looks like the inside of an ice cube right now, warmth is on its way and scheduled to bring average temperatures not seen since last December. It won’t be unseasonably warm, but for the first time in a long while, we’ll be dealing with weather that isn’t unseasonably cold, either. 

However, it will likely all be a lie, since some meteorologists predict that the freezing cold will return by mid-March. One expert told Bloomberg“There is increasing evidence for a return to a colder, stormier pattern by the last 10 days in March. I’m hoping this will conveniently go away if I stop looking at it for a couple of days.”

If this fills you with sadness and all your local happy lamp purveyors are facing shortages, here are some tips from WebMD on how to deal with never-ending winter. 

The Weather Might Get Better, But It’s All a Lie