Weird Things That Have Spilled Out of Trucks in 2015

Every week, it seems, one of our nation’s trusty cargo carriers slips on some ice or hits a pothole and goes veering off the road, only to have their freight spill all over the highway. Sometimes it’s something delicious you wish could’ve been spared, like today’s Twizzler spill, and other times it’s something really gross, like sewage. Here are the weirdest things that have spilled out of trucks this year.

  1. Live chickens: Staten Island, New York
  2. Twizzlers: Rostraver, Pennsylvania
  3. Tomatoes: Stafford, Virginia
  4. Soybeans: Wayne City, Illinois
  5. Sewage: Cottage Grove, Oregon
  6. Cheese: Denver, Colorado
  7. Logs: Fayetteville, Arkansas
  8. Poop: White County, Indiana
  9. Bananas: Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
  10. Waste water: Jacksonville, Florida
  11. Green fertilizer: Columbus, Ohio
  12. Milk: Wythe County, Virginia
  13. Lug nuts: Detroit, Michigan
  14. Ramen noodles: Rocky Mount, North Carolina


Weird Things That Spilled Out of Trucks in 2015