Wisconsin Player Accidentally Reveals His Crush on Stenographer During Live Press Conference

Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes, whose obsession with the NCAA stenographers has already been well documented, accidentally let slip during a press conference on Wednesday that he totally has a crush on one named Debra. Nigel and Debra sittin’ in a tree, t-r-a-n-s-c-r-i-b-i-n-g (did i spell that right?).

When Hayes tries to dupe the stenographers with a complicated wordsyzygy — and someone asks if she’s got it, ASAPSports stenographer Debra Bollman replies that she has. Hayes then leans over and whispers to his teammate, “God, she’s beautiful.” Unfortunately, his hot mic picked up the whole exchange. “Did you hear that?” he asks. “I did,” she replies.

Now kiss!


Wisconsin Player Accidentally Reveals His Crush