New Poll Finds That 10-Year-Olds Think Your Life Is Basically Over at 46

According to 10-year-olds, this is what being old looks like. Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

It’s the tenth anniversary of United Healthcare’s poll of 100 100-year-olds, and they decided to celebrate by also interviewing 100 10-year-olds. Given the small sample size — centenarians are probably hard to get in touch with — the survey is by no means scientific and has a margin of error of around 10 percentage points; however, it is amusing. Ten-year-olds think being old means being about 46, where centenarians consider 46 the age where they were healthiest. The poll also asked each age group to name the person they’d most like to eat dinner with. The centenarians’ list is a who’s who of famous old people, including Betty White. Most of them had no idea who Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence were, and thus weren’t too interested in inviting them over.

Four percent of 10-year-olds were excited to turn 100, assuming that flying cars will exist by then. Seven percent of them thought that turning 100 would be boring, “because,” as one 10-year-old explained, “my grandma is!”

Only one percent of 100-year-olds had taken a selfie. Forty-three percent had no idea what a selfie was. 

10-Year-Olds Think Your Life Is Over in 40s