Couple Featured on Cover of Erotic Ebook A Gronking To Remember Wishes They Could Forget

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

An Ohio couple is suing Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and the pseudonymous author Lacey Noonan after their engagement photo was used as the cover art for Noonan’s erotic ebook A Gronking to Remember. The erotic novel revolves around one housewife’s growing sexual obsession with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. According to the Boston Globe, Gronk is reportedly aware of the book, but hasn’t read it (suuuuuure).

The unnamed plaintiffs argue that the photo was used for commercial gain without their consent, and that its tasteless content has caused them undue embarrassment. The case is set to be heard in federal court, where the couple will argue that their publicity rights were violated.

We look forward to hearing lines like “Suddenly, all I wanted to do was watch Gronk do his thang-thang in the zone place there” read aloud in court.


Couple Sues After Photo Ends Up on Erotic Novel