Anchors vs. Activists: Baltimore Edition

Baltimore is beginning to settle down after days of protests stemming from the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, a fact that will be a real inconvenience to cable news networks that have banked off of 24-hour broadcasts of the event. But the last few days have not only reinvigorated cable news coverage, they’ve also provided activists and anchors a televised chance to tell each other how they really feel. 

Such as when community activist DeRay McKesson called out Wolf Blitzer for falsely equating property damage with the deaths of unarmed black men:

Or when Councilman Carl Stokes schooled Erin Burnett on why calling protesters “thugs” is like calling them the N-word:

Or when “annoying” protestors got Geraldo Rivera all into a tizzy:

And of course there was the time Megyn Kelly scolded protesters for daring to challenge a Fox News reporter:

Or when Sean Hannity attempted to shame an activist by asking, “Is this the kind of protest you want to be a part of?”

Or when a protester appearing on MSNBC demanded to know why it takes “a catastrophe” to get media coverage:

Gooooood question.