Discover Bright Color and Bold Culture in Curaçao

Glimpses of New York’s beginnings as the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam can still be had around the city with its architecture, street names and the legacy of Peter Stuyvesant, the final Dutch governor. But if you really want to travel back in time and explore the heritage that eventually made New York the vibrant place we know and love today, hop over to the tiny tropical paradise of Curaçao, where Stuyvesant got his start as governor before he took over in New Amsterdam. Colorful Dutch tradition is proudly on display in this Caribbean gem, and you can start experiencing it with the bright and bold classic Dutch Colonial-style buildings that will make you think you’ve discovered tropical Holland. Next, meander over to the historical Fort Amsterdam — which now serves as the seat of government — to get a sense for what New York City’s Battery Park was like. Switch gears to do some shopping along Handelskade, a main thoroughfare that echoes the flow of the river and is dotted with plenty of architectural charm of its own. Then head for some outdoor adventure, swimming and snorkeling at the pristine white-sand Kenepa Beach, or hike to the top of Mount Christoffel for an amazing view of the entire island. After you’ve worked up an appetite, get your fill of Curaçao’s unique blend of Dutch and Indonesian cuisines with a flavorful mix of Afro-Caribbean fare tossed in for good measure. Curaçao’s diverse culture and eclectic population make for a brilliant mix of bold color, natural beauty and old-style European charm. It’s tropical bliss and a step back in time at once. JetBlue offers nonstop flights from JFK on Tuesdays and Saturdays, along with Getaways Vacation packages that include airfare and four days/three nights in a hotel. Discovering the sunny side of our city’s story has never been easier.

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Bright Color and Bold Culture in Curacao