Cuba Loves Barack Obama Way More Than It Loves the Castros

Havana Cuba. The Cuban and the American flag fly together in a barber shop in Havana.Havana life. People go to work, walk the dog, children go to school, shops are opening, people wait on line, people practice Tai Chi in the park.
Photo: Les Stone/Corbis

Univision Noticias and Fusion worked with the Washington Post to conduct a public-opinion poll in Cuba, something that has not been easy to do. The poll was done without authorization from the Cuban government, and it included 1,200 adults who were assured their individual answers would be confidential. What did the pollsters learn? Eighty percent of respondents said they had a positive image of Obama, while 47 and 44 percent have good feelings about Raul Castro and Fidel Castro, respectively. While Americans have an equally low opinion of their domestic leader, according to Gallup, Fidel fares even worse. In 2008, he had a 5 percent approval rating in the U.S.