sorry about the pun

Dog Driving Tractor Creates Ruff Traffic Jam

On Wednesday morning, Traffic Scotland warned drivers to watch the roads for signs of an inexperienced motorist erratically driving a tractor on the highway. 

The driver’s name was Don, and he was a four-and-a-half-year-old collie.

After the road cleared, they noted that the incident “has to be the weirdest thing we have ever reported!”

Inevitably, all coverage of this incident has featured a liberal use of puns, inspired by Traffic Scotland’s treatment of the event — and the fact that it is a story about a dog driving a tractor.

No one was hurt in the bizarre accident, which ended with Don — who was riding shotgun — leaning on the controls of the tractor, barreling into a fence and coming to an abrupt stop in the middle of a road divide. Farmer Tom Hamilton, Don’s owner, had gotten off the mini-tractor to check up on a lamb. “Don was fine and did not bark during the incident,” Hamilton told STV.