Edward Snowden Says Margaretthatcheris110%sexy Would Be a Great Password

When John Oliver went to Russia to talk with Edward Snowden last week, they didn’t just talk about dick pics. The Last Week Tonight host also asked the NSA leaker for some advice on choosing the perfect password. 

It turns out that hackers are usually not fooled by misspellings — so, no, passwerd is not a great password. (Snowden asked if Oliver was joking, but password was the second most popular password of 2014.) Oliver’s next suggestion — “admiralalonzoghostpenis420YOLO” — on the other hand, would be pretty hard to break. 

Snowden suggests that using phrases — like “margaretthatcheris110%sexy” — is the best way to make safe passwords that you won’t forget.

Edward Snowden Gives John Oliver Password Advice