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8 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week

Photo: Julie Larson/Bronx Zoo

It might be a little gray outside, but it’s Friday, and there’s a beautiful weekend full of sunny days and sleep ahead of you. Casually pretend you’re still doing work as you enjoy these eight good things that happened this week.

1. It hit 70 degrees for the first time since October. We had a few rainy patches, but the weather this week was the best we’ve had in a while, complete with warm, sun-filled days and cool, breezy nights. Enjoy it while you can — scorching temps and humidity will ruin it soon enough.

2. Two baby gorillas made their debut at the Bronx Zoo. The unnamed cutie pies got to greet the public for the first time since their birth in January, and they are just as cute as expected.

3. Chris Pratt helped raise $90,000 for a kid with brain cancer. When he found out that the child of one of his wife’s old friends was sick, Pratt shared 12-year-old Joe Henson’s story with his millions of social media followers, helping the family raise $90,000 for his medical care. 

4. A man in Tokyo dressed his giant tortoise in a pink pinafore and took her for a walk. This is apparently a thing he does on the regular.

5. Twitter announced it’s officially investing in curbing abuse. In an editorial for the Washington Post, Twitter general counsel Vijaya Gadde laid out how the company is attacking its abuse problem. “In recent months we have invested heavily in tools and enforcement solutions that enable us to better detect, act on and limit the reach of abusive content,” she wrote. “We have also tripled the size of the team whose job is to protect users, which has allowed us to respond to five times the user complaints while reducing the turnaround time to a fraction of what it was not long ago.”

6. A puppy rebelled against the tyranny of naps. Fight the power, puppy!

7. A company CEO cut his own salary to make the minimum wage at his company $70,000. Dan price, the founder of Gravity Payments, announced that he plans to make sure all 125 employees at the payment-services start-up earn at least $70,000 by 2018, meaning that more than half the company can expect a raise.

8. I decided to adopt my foster cat! Everybody, meet Lucy, my new BFFAEAE.


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