Jeb Bush Is Not a Scientist, and He Knows Matt Damon Isn’t One Either

How do you like them apples, Damon? Photo: Brooks Kraft/Corbis

When Esquire asked Jeb Bush if global warming is man-made, like many Republicans he explained he is unable to form thoughts on scientific matters because “I’m not a scientist.” While addressing a room full of energy-industry executives on Tuesday, the likely 2016 candidate revealed he doesn’t think other non-scientists should be expressing their environmental views either — especially his old nemesis Matt Damon. Bush urged the fracking industry to highlight the economic benefits and “get out the facts to lessen peoples’ fears.’” He went on to mock those who cite the film Promised Land, which Damon co-wrote, produced, and starred in, when trying to persuade him that the practice may be dangerous. “He’s a great actor, but he shouldn’t be a chief scientific officer for anybody,” Bush said.

Jeb Bush Says Matt Damon’s Not a Scientist