Nipple-Eating Zebra Looking for a New Home After Eating Nipple

Photo: Getty Images

A beloved pet zebra in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is looking for a new home after his nipple hunger got the best of him. Hate when that happens.

The zebra, who has lived with his unnamed owner for over 10 years, partially bit off Leonard Overcash’s nipple while he was doing yard work. When the zebra spotted Overcash doing some weeding next door, he reached his head over the fence and bit off a portion of Overcash’s nipple, requiring seven stitches. Overcash is back at work, but told the local Fox affiliate he’s “still sore.”

Now the zebra must be re-homed, because Muskogee has a law against keeping exotic animals within city limits. Anybody down for fostering a nipple-eating zebra? Anybody?


Nipple-Eating Zebra Looking for a New Home