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NYPD Detective Suspended for Stealing Cash From a Deli

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The NYPD has suspended Detective Ian Cyrus (without pay) over surveillance footage that appears to show him stealing money from a Bed-Stuy deli. His supervisor, Sergeant Fritz Glemaud, has been placed on desk duty.

The theft was first reported by WABC. Yemen Deli & Grocery manager Ali Abdullah told the station that five cops raided his store on Friday night, arresting two employees for selling untaxed cigarettes and taking loosies and cash to be used as evidence. “The next day, the 73rd Precinct provided [Abdullah] with a receipt documenting that $593 had been seized during the raid. But then he noticed nearly $3,000 in store rent money missing from a box he kept hidden under the counter,” WABC reports.

Abdullah thought his workers were to blame — until he looked at the tape from his security camera, which features Cyrus crouching behind the counter and pocketing a handful of cash. 

It’s crazy,” Abdullah said. “At least give it to the sergeant. But he cannot put it in his own pocket.” At least not this time! The police told the New York Times that Internal Affairs and the Brooklyn DA are conducting a joint investigation into the incident.

NYPD Detective Suspended for Stealing Cash