Celebrities Are Wasting No Time to Endorse Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has only been an official presidential candidate for a day, but Democratic politicians, donors, and celebrities have been rushing to signal their support for her. It’s almost as if they have known she was running for ages and had been thinking about what they would post on social media when she announced for an obscenely long stretch of time!

The most entertaining social-media endorsements of Clinton were brief, realizing that a “yaaas” speaks a thousand words.

Others gushed.

this is what a #president looks like!!!

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This is Hillary reading a text from me that says "with you every step of the way, gurl" #mypresident

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Some endorsements came from dudes.

There were hashtags, and there were mentions.

There isn’t much shocking about the massive support for Clinton from celebrities — those in the industry tend to skew Democrat, and Hillary is definitely the most recognizable person in the race for the presidential nomination. She also has a history of support from celebrities; in 2008 she raised nearly $3.5 million from those in the entertainment industry.

Plenty of celebrities, perhaps noticing that there are hundreds of days until they have to vote, are reserving judgment … or holding out for a fairy tale

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Plenty of Celebrities Already Endorsing Hillary