Dead Man’s Family ‘Grossly Disturbed’ by Police Officer Who Allegedly Tickled Corpse’s Toes

Photo: KBAK Eyewitness News

A police officer in Bakersfield, California, was put on paid leave after allegedly tickling the feet of a corpse lying on a gurney covered in blood — while saying “tickle tickle.” Senior Officer Aaron Stringer allegedly said he “loves playing with dead bodies” and also attempted to open the mouth of the dead man, Ramiro James Villegas, who was shot by a police officer after a car chase. Well-known L.A. attorney Mark Geragos, who is representing Villegas’s family, told the Daily News“We are grossly disturbed by the ghoulish behavior of the police.” The district attorney is not planning to file charges against Stringer because of insufficient evidence. 

Police Officer Put on Leave for Tickling Corpse