Out-of-Control Teens Spending Hundreds of Dollars Just to Ask Each Other to Prom

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/Corbis

Gutted by the angst of living under the tyranny of lame adults, modern teens have taken to rebelling in the most old-fashioned of ways: by spending their parents’ money on absolutely ridiculous shit.

If you are a teen, and you know that nothing matters except for the pursuit of internet fame, it is your duty to turn every minor event in your tiny life into an opportunity to make money from YouTube monetization deals. Enter the promposal, in which one teen asks another teen to attend prom in the most stilted, expensive, and clickbait-y way possible. These grand gestures are often mistaken for naïve romanticism but are actually cynical attempts to guilt young women into feeling obligated to lose their virginity on prom night.

A recent phone survey conducted by Visa found that the average cost of a promposal — which frequently includes some sort of terrible pun or dance routine — is $324. For teens without access to that kind of cash, know that the best prom proposals cost only your freedom.


Promposals Are Officially Out of Control