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New York’s Prudes Flock to the Only Modest Place Left: the Subway

Commuters at the Bedford Ave subway station board a crowded train December 22, 2014 in New York. The last stop that the L train makes before traveling to Manhattan is said to be over-congested during the morning rush hour.
Photo: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

New York is not a place for the modest. In fact, the very act of living here could be considered indecent: Surviving in New York means casting aside basic pillars of humanity such as kindness, dignity, and compassion in exchange for three weeks of nice weather and an apartment with a shower in the kitchen. With sinners and the sexy horses they rode in on running rampant across all five boroughs, the only place moral people have left to escape to is … the subway?

The Times reports that the MTA continues to engage in its age-old struggle to bar racy ads from the subway in an effort to keep it “the last bastion of modesty in public” and maintain a “family-friendly environment.” Outfront Media, a company that sells subway ads, recently turned down Dumbo Moving and Storage’s request to run an ad showing a couple in a steamy embrace with the words “always have protection” below.

There are some things people who pretend to play on their phones to avoid giving a nickel to a hungry panhandler simply cannot abide.

Prudes Angered by Sexualized Subway Ads