Marco Rubio’s 2016 Announcement Teaser Could Not Be Less Inspiring

Two weeks ago, Florida senator Marco Rubio said he would reveal whether he’s running for the Senate or the presidency on Monday, April 13. (And presumably he wouldn’t reserve Miami’s Freedom Tower to declare he’d like to keep his current job). It’s unclear if he knew he’d be announcing just one day after Hillary Clinton, but Rubio’s attempt to build excitement for his speech was kind of sad.

Hours after Hillary posted her elaborate campaign video, featuring a montage of almost every type of American who could conceivably vote Democrat, Rubio shared this teaser:

The grainy nine-second video shot on a windswept street behind the Freedom Tower does not scream “professional campaign operation.” On the other hand, if the backdrop for tomorrow’s speech is anything other than “Miami traffic,” it will look great by comparison.

Rubio Posts Uninspiring 2016 Announcement Teaser