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Screams From Cargo Hold Force Alaska Air Jet to Make Emergency Landing

Napping on the job is generally a bad idea, and it can turn terrifying when you get in the habit of nodding off on commercial jets. An Alaska Airlines plane heading to L.A. on Monday afternoon was forced to return to Seattle–Tacoma International Airport when those onboard heard screaming and banging coming from the bottom of the plane. After 14 minutes in the air, the flight landed and a ramp agent emerged from the front cargo hold, as shown in footage obtained by KIRO TV.

The plane’s cargo area was pressurized and temperature-controlled, and the employee was able to walk out of the plane on his own. As he exited the plane, he said he’d fallen asleep. According to a statement from Alaska Airlines, the employee was evaluated at a hospital and passed a drug test before he was discharged.

Fellow employees noticed the man was gone and tried to reach him on his cell phone. The incident occurred at the end of his shift, and they guessed he was on his way home, not trapped on a flight to L.A.

Screams From Cargo Hold Force Jet to Land