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78-Year-Old Senator’s Frozen Ringtone Goes Off During Hearing

Photo: Disney

Seventy-eight-year-old Pat Roberts is the sixth-oldest senator in Congress. He likes to ask serious questions about free trade during Senate Finance Committee hearings. However, he also seems to have the same taste in film as a six-year-old, judging from the ringtone that echoed across the hearing room when he forgot to silence his phone today.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who was answering the committee’s questions on biotechnology, was interrupted by Idina Menzel, who filled the hearing room with the refrain from “Let It Go,” an emotional anthem in which the singer denies her role in contributing to climate change.

Aw, come on,” Roberts said, reaching down to his pocket as everyone laughed or tried to hide grins. 

Roberts quickly recovered, telling Vilsack, “Just let it go, mister.” Vilsack seemed to think it was pretty funny, too.

Senator’s Frozen Ringtone Goes Off