Student Activists Project ‘Columbia Protects Rapists’ Onto Campus Building

Photo: James Leynse/Corbis

Students from No Red Tape, the Columbia activist group fighting sexual assault on campus, projected controversial messages onto the facade of a campus building over the weekend while prospective students were visiting. “Columbia Protects Rapists” and “Rape Happens Here” read some of the messages projected on Sunday onto Low Library.

It was all so unreal,” one prospective student told the Columbia Spectator. “It was the juxtaposition of the school spirit and this striking message against the school. It was invective against the administration and its policies.”

The messages didn’t stay up for long; public-safety officers soon physically blocked the projector from displaying them, telling protesters they could continue with their projections after the prospective students left campus.


Students Project ‘Columbia Protects Rapists’