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NYC Teacher Fired for Having Students Write All the Reasons They Hate Classmate on the Chalkboard

A misguided lesson in anti-bullying went horribly wrong at one Inwood school last fall, because teens are oppressed nihilists whose worst impulses must be immediately crushed or else they will flourish into monsters.

DNAinfo reports that an eighth-grade teacher at P.S. 18 was fired in October after she prompted her students to have a discussion about why they always bullied one female student, but that discussion inevitably devolved into another bullying session. The teacher reportedly encouraged her students to write all the reasons they disliked the classmate on the chalkboard. Students began calling out that she was “ugly” and “annoying” and that they hate her “attitude and how fake she is around people” while another student wrote their responses on the board. When the girl started crying, the teacher finally told them to stop.

The teacher claims she didn’t tell the kids to write that their classmate was ugly on the board, but one enterprising student jumped up and started doing it anyway. She’s trying to overturn her termination, saying her firing was “an abuse of discretion.”


Teacher Fired for In-Classroom Bullying