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Uninsured Rate Falls Again for Random Reason Totally Unrelated to Obamacare

Barack Obama, fortunate beneficiary of precipitous drop in the uninsured that has unexplainably occured despite his disastrous health-care plan. Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Not long ago, the hypothesis that Obamacare would substantially reduce the uninsured rate was a point of fierce ideological disagreement. The National Center for Policy Analysis, a major conservative health-care think tank, predicted in 2013, “the massive law that was enacted to solve the problem of the uninsured in America is more likely to worsen it.“At the end of the day, for all of the rhetoric and promises about what Obamacare would achieve, the health law’s most ardent supporters have stuck to their guns because of one thing: coverage expansion,” wrote Avik Roy, a leading Republican health-care adviser, in 2014. “But new data suggests that Obamacare may fail even to achieve this goal.” Obamacare would result in “essentially the same number of uninsured,” insisted Charles Krauthammer in February 2014.

The point of this little walk through the past is that Gallup has a new survey out today, and lo and behold, the uninsured rate has fallen again:

It is starting to look possible that this trend is not some random fluke that has happened six straight quarters but is somehow related to the enactment of Obamacare. So any day now, we can expect conservative politicians and intellectuals to begin publicly rethinking their analysis of this law.

Uninsured Rate Falls Again for Random Reason