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At Least 5,800 Migrants Rescued in the Mediterranean Sea

Off the coast of Libya this weekend, French and Italian ships participated in a large rescue operation aimed at intercepting migrants bound for Europe from Africa. The more than 5,800 people they saved, who were plucked from wood and rubber boats operated by smugglers, are now being relocated to Italy, the BBC reports. Rescuers also recovered ten bodies, adding to the at least 1,750 who have died while making the dangerous crossing this year. Unfortunately, the situation may soon worsen as the season’s calmer weather encourages more smugglers to attempt the journey. After last month’s disaster, in which more than 800 migrants drowned on a ship that sank near Lampedusa, Italy, European authorities have promised to do more to confront the ongoing crisis. It seems that they’re following through on that, at least so far. 

5,800 Migrants Rescued in the Mediterranean Sea