About 1,000 Weapons Recovered From Toilets, Tortilla-Chip Bags, Etc. at Twin Peaks in Waco

Photo: Jerry Larson/AP/Corbis

Local authorities found around 1,000 weapons — ranging from pocket knives to brass knuckles to chains with locks attached to an AK-47 — inside and around Twin Peaks, the “breastaurant” in Waco where a deadly biker shootout took place on Sunday. Several weapons were found stuffed in tortilla-chip bags and toilets. A few others were found in bags of flour. A police spokesman described the gruesome scene inside, saying there was “blood spatter everywhere” — especially in the bathrooms. Nine people died of gunshot wounds, and 170 people were arrested and are currently being held on $1 million bail each. The shopping center where the shootout occurred is back open, but the Waco Twin Peaks is closed forever.  

About 1,000 Weapons Recovered From Twin Peaks