Someone Make Sure New Twitter User Barack Obama Doesn’t Open DMs to Everyone

President Barack Obama announced this morning that he’s finally joined Twitter, leaving his “-bo” tweets in the dust for a Twitter account of his very own.

The account, @POTUS, officially follows only boring and totally expected accounts, like @FLOTUS, @WhiteHouse, and a bunch of White House staffers. Can’t we at least get an accidental follow of a sexy spambot to spice up the news cycle?

Hopefully the president knows what’s in store for him, since Twitter is a whole different beast than it was when @BarackObama began tweeting back in 2007. For one, jokes are dead and you can be publicly shamed for just about anything. We hope someone also warned him not to allow DMs from non-followers, or else the Secret Service is going to be chasing down a lot of dick-pic senders.

As expected, Twitter is already on its best behavior; it only took five minutes from the moment Obama sent his first tweet for someone to call him the N-word. Don’t read your @-replies, Mr. President.


Barack Obama Joins Twitter As @POTUS