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Lawyer Says Robert Durst Peed on Candy in CVS Due to a ‘Medical Mishap’

Toward the very bottom of the list of bizarre crimes Robert Durst has committed — after dismembering a neighbor and allegedly killing at least two women — is the time he peed on a candy display after checking out in CVS. KPRC 2 News just obtained surveillance footage of the July 2014 incident, and now Durst’s lawyer is arguing that it was the kind of thing that could happen to any of us, not yet another sign that Durst is deeply troubled. “This was a medical mishap, plain and simple. He had to go and he couldn’t hold it,” said attorney Chip Lewis.

Durst left the store without saying anything, but later turned himself into police. He pleaded no contest to a criminal mischief charge and paid a $500 fine, plus more than $7,000 in damages.

He patronized that store quite often and was very friendly and very well liked by all the staff,” Lewis added. “He was embarrassed in that aspect. The people that were so good to him were put, themselves, in an embarrassing situation.” The incident took place in Houston, but from the video you’d think the witnesses were all jaded New Yorkers. The other guy in line starts to back away as he notices what Durst is doing, but ultimately he decides to calmly check out at the next register, like a guy isn’t peeing on the Tic Tac display five feet away from him.

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Bob Durst Peed in CVS Due to ‘Medical Mishap’