Super-Ambitious Teen Tries to Steal the Same Car Twice

On May 17, a young man “between 16 and 18 years of age” entered a Bronx home around 10 p.m. through the conveniently unlocked side door, swiped a set of Lexus keys he found on the counter (along with a pair of Adidas sneakers, because trends), and drove off in said Lexus. Teens: they have more drive than you think!

The next day the car was found seven miles away and returned to its driveway, where the following day the same teen tried to steal it again — this time in broad daylight.

Security footage from the 17th shows him sneaking up to the side door, shooting some side-eye at the camera, and walking in. A minute later, he’s back, keys in hand. His clean getaway is enough to make any driver’s ed instructor proud. In the footage two days later, he walks up to the same house and props open the driveway gate, but a neighbor chases him off.

If you see this incredibly ambitious teen, contact the NYPD.

Rebel Teen Tries to Steal the Same Car Twice