Andrew Cuomo Is So Unbelievably Happy that Hillary’s Campaign Office Is in Brooklyn

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Governor Andrew Cuomo was speaking at a Brooklyn Democratic Party dinner on Thursday and seemed so very excited about Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Brooklyn. “Hillary knew what she was doing,” he said, according to Capital New York, “because in many ways Brooklyn has always represented the heart and soul of the Democratic party.”

He went on to list all the things he loves about Brooklyn. 

It’s at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. It says come one, come all. Brooklyn is all about diversity, it’s about black and white and brown, all together all religions. … Brooklyn was never about, bring me your rich.” 

That’s Brooklyn,” he ended, after listing several more of the great things about the borough, while failing to mention lumbersexuals, pickles, or all the developers saying, “bring me your rich.”

Cuomo’s So Happy Hillary’s Office Is in Brooklyn