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Wounded Hammer Attacker Arraigned Via Video Conference

David Baril.

The man believed to have randomly attacked several people with a hammer before being shot by an NYPD officer was arraigned via video conference on Wednesday. The New York Times reports that David Baril, who is recovering from bullet wounds to his arm and torso at Bellevue Hospital, was charged with “four counts of attempted assault, five counts of assault and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.” (Despite getting hit with the “claw” side of Baril’s hammer, none of his victims — including the cop whose partner shot him — were left with life-threatening injuries.) The judge also ordered Baril to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, the results of which will help determine whether he’s fit to stand trial. Officials have said that the 30-year-old has a history of homelessness and arrests, as well as a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. He’ll remain in police custody at least until his next court date, which is set for late June.

Hammer Attacker Arraigned Via Video Conference