Hillary Clinton Makes a Pantsuit Joke So You Don’t Have To

Pencil-skirt sweatpants and high-heel slippers not available.

In advance of her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton made a daring choice to embrace her most aggravating legacy. Not Benghazi, or the botched rollout of her health-care bill, or anything else from the Clinton administration.

The pantsuit. Since no one else will stop making less than funny jokes about her completely reasonable choice of attire, she’s decided to become the canon’s most prolific contributor. The joke was always poisoned, but Clinton has spent the last few years building up a resistance to it.

When she joined Twitter, she wrote in her bio that she is a “pantsuit aficionado.” Bill Clinton’s presidential library briefly hosted a pantsuit exhibit

And the Hillary Clinton online campaign store, which just opened for business, now has an “Everyday Pantsuit Tee.” The $30 shirt’s description notes that it brings “a whole new meaning to casual Friday.” The shirt does not, however, add any new meaning to the pantsuit joke, which, now having been put to raising money for a presidential bid, has officially been rendered inert and may now join Rick Santorum’s sweater-vest in political-uniform-wisecrack heaven.

Clinton’s store also features a pillow that says “A Woman’s Place Is in the White House,” and a “Future Voter” onesie, modeled by the campaign’s youngest and perhaps most effective volunteer. 

Hillary Clinton Makes a Pantsuit Joke