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Jeb Bush Finally Getting His Own $1.4 Million House on the Family Compound

Barbara Bush Attends Miami Book Fair
Photo: Tom Ervin/Getty Images/2003 Getty Images

Jeb Bush is getting a brand-new $1.4 million home set amid his family’s coastal-Maine compound, his parents have told the Boston Globe. Dad George H.W. Bush explained that with the influx of great-grandkids, “we needed to expand our accommodations in order for me to preserve something called ‘domestic tranquility.’” Jeb himself admitted that his family is “so lucky” to be getting the new vacation home, but apparently not lucky enough to get to design the place himself — his mom is doing that. The 3,000-square-foot house, which will hopefully be named “Camp Jeb,” is expected to be finished in July, just in time for some pre-campaign foreign-policy confabs with his brother.

Jeb Bush Finally Getting His Own Compound House