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Jeb Bush Pitifully Still Trying to Keep Illusion He Is Not Running for President Alive

He’s had it up to here with this whole pretending not to run thing. Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Jeb Bush was speaking to reporters today in Nevada and briefly broke free from the illusion that he is not running for president yet. “I’m running for president in 2016, and the focus is gonna be about how we,” he began an answer, before realizing his error. 

Jeb Bush may be acting like a presidential candidate right now, with his frequent pit stops in important primary states, endless appearances in the news, and massive fund-raising apparatus, but he hasn’t actually made anything official. 

He’s clearly dying to tell everyone that he knows that they know that he knows that he is running. However, today was not that day. “I’m running for president in 2016, and the focus is gonna be about how we — if I run — how do you create high, sustained economic growth, where more people have a chance at earned success?”

#BREAKING [VIDEO]: Something unexpected happened during Jeb Bush's visit in Reno, of all places. For the first time, he announced he's running for president (but perhaps didn't intend to). WATCH the exclusive video and READ the statement in context HERE:

Posted by KRNV News 4 on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bush’s face when he amended his announcement to include an “if” was filled with sorrow. 

Don’t worry, Jeb. It’s not a big deal. We already knew.

Jeb Bush Still Pretending He Isn’t Running