Harry Reid Would Rather Be ‘Caned’ Than Be a Lobbyist

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sat down with Politico to discuss the trade deal he hates and what the Senate is like with Mitch McConnell. The longtime senator also briefly discussed his retirement plans. When asked if he would think about lobbying, Reid replied, “I would rather be taken to Singapore and caned.” Although no one could word it quite like Reid, this is not a surprise. One of his former aides tried to imagine what Reid would do in 2017.  “Can you imagine the guy as a lobbyist?” he told The Atlantic. “I don’t think so.” Reid said the same thing to CNBC in March“I’m not going to lobby. I’m not going to practice law. But I’ll keep busy. I may want one of your jobs — to be an analyst on TV — and say all these good things that you always say about me.”

Lobbying Not on Harry Reid’s To-Do List