Man Pitches Fit at Rest Stop When He Can’t Get Macaroni and Cheese

Photo: Courtesy of Kraft

If you thought Kevin Nelson was angry when he found out Roy Rogers was out of macaroni and cheese, you should’ve seen how he reacted when he learned they were out of potatoes.

The AP reports that the 47-year-old New York man stopped at a Pennsylvania Turnpike rest stop on Wednesday to get something to eat. Understandably, he became extremely upset when he learned that the Roy Rogers was out of macaroni and cheese, so he went to get a coffee and then returned asking for potatoes. Unfortunately for poor Kev, Roy Rogers was out of those, too.

Upon learning this terrible news, Nelson allegedly began cursing and throwing condiments. He was cited for disorderly conduct and failure not to act like a toddler when refused his favorite food.


Man Pitches Fit When He Can’t Get Mac and Cheese