Ferguson’s Mike Brown Shrine to Be Replaced by Permanent Memorial

FERGUSON, MO - NOVEMBER 22: Marneisha Jones places a stuff animal at a makeshift memorial for Michael Brown November 22, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown, a 18-year-old black male teenager was fatally wounded by Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson Police officer on August 9, 2014. A 12-member grand jury is reviewing evidence to decide whether or not to indict Wilson on charges. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)
Photo: Joshua Lott/2014 Getty Images

On Wednesday, the collection of stuffed animals, flowers, candles, photos, and other mementos that has occupied a portion of Canfield Drive since Mike Brown was killed there last August was removed. In a press conference, Ferguson mayor James Knowles III and Brown’s father, Michael Sr., announced that the makeshift shrine — which has been destroyed and rebuilt more than once over the course of the year — will soon be replaced with a permanent plaque and a metal dove. In the meantime, the town intends to repave the road.

Mike Brown to Get Permanent Memorial