New York State Senator Who’s Allergic to Cats Introduces Bill to Ban Declawing Them

08 Mar 2014 --- Black cat in living room peeking over arm rest of sofa --- Image by ? bryantscannell/RooM The Agency/Corbis
Photo: bryantscannell/RooM The Agency/Corbis

Cat declawing is a heinous and cruel practice that mean people who don’t want their fancy furniture ruined engage in; now New York may become the first state to ban it.

Republican Senator Joseph Griffo introduced a bill that would ban the practice unless medically necessary into the New York State Senate last week. He’s an unlikely sponsor, reports the Daily News, because he’s actually allergic to cats. 

Regardless of being allergic or not, he believes that animals need to be treated humanely,” Griffo’s spokesman said.

Though the Humane Society and the Paw Project both support the bill, state veterinarians have gone on the record saying they oppose it because declawing should be left up to the owner.

When asked for her take on the controversial bill, my cat responded, “Meow.”


New York Senate Moves to Ban Cat Declawing